How did Maison Lascours do to reduce its contact rate by 30%?

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Maison Lascours is a family-owned butchery founded in 1922 by Paul Lascours in Lherm, 30 km south of Toulouse. Thanks to its traditional know-how, the company has grown significantly. It has opened four other stores in France and digitalized its services on the internet. Over the years, it has quickly become the reference in the Toulouse region.

Maison Lascours: Digital pioneers in the butchery industry

In 2010, Maison Lascours went digital by creating an e-commerce site. The site receives an average of 85,000 unique visitors per month. Besides being one of the first butchery brands to go online, Maison Lascours stands out for the quality of its products and its customer experience. Indeed, the company demands the best from its breeders, suppliers, and employees, every day, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

A customer experience as good as in-store

The company needed a live-chat solution to improve its customer experience and provide personalized support for its online customers by informing visitors and providing them with real-time assistance. After extensive research, the company chose the Botmind virtual agent. the Botmind virtual agent was the right choice because its automation component enables it to overcome live chat limitations in the absence of advisors, particularly during the evenings and weekends.

Reasoned automation for greater customer satisfaction

Integrating the Botmind virtual agent and handling the tool for the Maison Lascours team was quick and easy. In two weeks, the virtual agent (hybrid chatbot) was operational and could automatically answer over 60 frequent and time-consuming questions such as, “What are your delivery methods?” and “What are your opening hours?” The virtual agent filters basic questions and allows customer service representatives to deal with high value-added requests effectively.

The virtual agent had an immediate impact. It generates about 33% of the automated conversations at night, between 9 pm and 6 am, and on weekends. Automation saves time and reduces the company’s cost significantly. In May, the virtual agent saved the company over 77 hours of work (i.e., 11 days of full-time work)!  

The impact of the virtual agent has also been felt in key performance indices (KPIs) related to customer support, with a notable increase in customer satisfaction and an approximate 30% decrease in the contact rate on other customer support channels such as email and phone.

Turning visitors into satisfied customers

The virtual agent also intervenes during the pre-sales stage by advising customers and providing them with information to make the best purchasing decision. The different product paths set up by the Maison Lascours team provide the customer with information on order tracking, delivery, and pickup times.

Using triggers (small notification bubbles displayed by the virtual agent), the company can attract visitors’ attention and engage in a personalized conversation with each of them. The company can customize these triggers according to the page which customers visit. For example, when a visitor arrives on the Kobe Beef page, triggers are activated after a few seconds. The triggers allow the visitor to quickly access all the information (preparation, cooking, origin, etc.) about the product.

Like an in-store salesperson, the virtual agent can engage the customer in the sales tunnel and provide tailored support depending on the product and page they are visiting.

Thanks to the reporting functionality of the Botmind solution, Maison Lascours can track the performance of the virtual agent and collect all the data related to its work, such as the number of automated conversations, the most used paths, and the most asked questions. This functionality enables the company to understand the behavior of visitors and adapt its communication and website ergonomics accordingly.

A complete tool to automate customer relations

By using Botmind, Maison Lascours has an agile tool to engage customers during their visits, support them, and provide them with all the information they need in real-time. The virtual agent automates answers to frequent and time-consuming questions and redirects high value-added requests to the customer support advisors. Customers can enjoy an optimized and smooth shopping experience.

The virtual agent's influence was rapidly observed, with a considerable boost in customer satisfaction and a 30% decrease in contact rate.

Maison Lascours can also count on the support of the Botmind team to automate its customer relations. The Botmind team listens to customers' requests and is very reactive to ensure quick and efficient support. According to Margot, “It is rare to work with a company that is so professional.” The Botmind team is very proud of Maison Lascours’ growth.

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