July 2020 / The best e-books about customer experience in 2020

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Customer experience is an essential topic for e-commerce. Many e-books are therefore addressing this topic and giving the keys to success in order to master the e-commerce activity thanks to customer support and customer relationship.Here are the most relevant e-books of this year, 2020, selected by our team to help you in your benchmark.

On this page, we’ve gathered for you 2020’s must-read e-books on customer experience. These e-books will allow you to better understand the world of customer experience, know its secrets, discover the opinion of experts and learn all the best practices. Learn from home thanks to our selection of white papers about customer experience.

Zendesk’s E-books

Zendesk is a company that is specialized in customer relationship management. Its expertise with more than 200K customers places the company among the top editors about CX. Please find below their main e-books :

- Building empathy with your customers : an interesting article about how industries across the board are using personalization to express compassion.

- Managing the customer service revolution : discover how technology has empowered the customer and created a revolution in customer service. Learn a lot of tips to manage the best as possible this revolution.

- Improve customer loyalty and retention by focusing on relationships : Learn for customer retention strategies and discover tips to build long-term relationships that improve your customer loyalty.

Intercom’s E-books

Like Zendesk, Intercom is one of the leading companies in customer relationship management. By accompanying many e-merchants on a daily basis, Intercom has been able to develop its knowledge of the importance of a controlled customer relationship. We have therefore selected for you some of their best 2020’s e-books on customer experience.

- Intercom on customer engagement : this guide on how to use Intercom to engage your customers will help you better understand the importance for your customer support of using on a daily basis solutions such as Intercom.

- The customer retention starter kit : in this guide, you will see how to create a retention messaging strategy. Thanks to this e-book, learn when you’re about to lose a customer and discover the best practices for retention messaging.

- The complete guide to using chatbots for sales : in this guide, learn how to use chatbots to acquire, qualify and convert leads at scale. With its actionable tips and templates, you’ll be launching your first bot in no time to quickly develop your customer experience.

- The conversational support starter kit : Discover how to combine proactive, self-serve, and human support to get ahead of known problems, automatically answer repetitive queries, and quickly resolve complex issues. In this e-book, you will access tips to improve customer relationships and team morale.

Front’s E-books

As a specialist in the collaborative management of corporate messaging, Front has become a key player in the field of customer experience. Its e-books will give you all the information you need to make the most of their solution. We have selected for you their best e-books of 2020.

-A guide to managing customer relationships at scale : In this e-book, Front help you by explaining how you can manage your customer communications thanks to their solution, so your team feels empowered to give a better experience.

- The ultimate guide to customer satisfaction : In this e-book, learn the ins and outs of customer satisfaction scores and discover how you can use them to empower your team and grow your business.

Freshchat’s E-books

Specialist in customer engagement, Freshworks offers many tools to help you better manage your customer relationship. In order to help you as much as possible, the company has written numerous e-books. We share below the best e-books of 2020 by Freshworks about customer experience.

-How to train employees to provide customers with memorable experiences : Discover in this e-book how to make your support agents the main element to develop customer relationships. Freshworks offers you here a better understanding of the complicated and central role support agents play in the customer experience.

- Five mistakes companies make while trying to provide customers with great experiences : In this e-book, find out why customer experience helps companies improve their retention rate and learn how to make the customer experience a real strength for your business.

SuperOffice’s E-book

European provider of CRM solutions for the business-to-business professional market, SuperOffice is also an expert in customer experience.

- 7 ways to create a great customer experience strategy : In this white paper, discover how to master your customer experience by implementing a thoughtful strategy.  

Gartner’s E-book

As a world-renowned consulting firm, Gartner offers a wide range of content to help businesses in their day-to-day operations. Some of their e-books deal in particular with customer experience and give a lot of advice to develop your business.

- Create powerful customer experiences : In this white paper, Gartner offers an in-depth analysis of the customer experience and gives you many tips for successfully making it a major asset for your business.

Hootsuite’s E-books

Hootsuite is a social media management tool. These latter becoming more and more important in our daily life, it is essential to better master them and to use them to develop your customer experience.

- The social customer experience : This report reveals how enterprise organizations are using social in their CX strategies and how leaders can use social media to build exceptional and differentiated customer experiences.

Confirmit’s E-books

Specializing in reviews left by users, Confirmit offers its services to each company in need. Confirmit thus offers several e-books in which the company gives a lot of advice in terms of customer experience.

- 7 secrets of customer experience strategy : Find out here how Confirmit offers you to change the vision of your customers in just 7 steps and thus revolutionize your customer experience.

Netigate’s E-books

Netigate purpose a complete solution for customer and employee feedback. Get actionable insights to make data-driven business decisions with confidence. As a specialist in feedback, Netigate offers in their e-books a lot of tips to get the best customer experience.

- About measurable effects on customer satisfaction : This white paper will provide you with information and facts about how much customer satisfaction means to a company’s profitability and tools for a more efficient way to measure it.

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