How can a prestige brand further improve its e-commerce customer experience?

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Founded in 1976, Jacadi Paris is a French brand that captivates the traditional French heritage of children's fashion worldwide. The company places great importance on the quality of its products. Stylists and pattern makers who promote French excellence in the company's Parisian workshops create all the collections.

Since 2005, Jacadi has been a member of the ÏDKIDS group, a community of brands committed to children. The group offers products and services, which are beneficial to children and environmentally friendly.

Today, Jacadi Paris is in 37 countries and has a network of over 270 stores worldwide. Despite stiff competition, Jacadi has distinguished itself with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Progressive digitization

To meet the needs of an increasingly connected clientele, the brand has digitized itself by launching an e-commerce site that receives an average of 500,000 unique visitors per month, generates many customer interactions, and therefore, supports requests for the customer service teams.

The will to assist customers simply and efficiently

The company's main customer support concerns included the need to have easy access to information, quick processing, and meaningful replies. Jacadi needed an agile solution that could support visitors 24 hours a day and reduce the number of inbound requests to customer support in order to provide a flawless customer experience.

With the help of Botmind, the company automated some of its customer support. Botmind implemented a virtual agent on the Zendesk chat channel with the Instaply concierge. Integrating the virtual agent with the company's other tools was simple and easy. It allowed for the rapid implementation of an optimized and omnichannel customer experience. The virtual agent was up and running in one week, providing automated answers to over 70 frequent and time-consuming questions.

Switching from the old email processing tool to Zendesk has saved Jacadi a lot of time. Integrating Botmind on Zendesk has enabled visitors to enjoy a seamless experience between the site and customer service. This integration means customers will no longer need to leave the chat channel to contact support agents.

The Botmind virtual agent automates answers to frequent and time-consuming questions and directs high value-added requests to Jacadi's two customer support advisors, specially trained to manage live chat or via ticket escalation to other advisors. It also facilitates access to information with intuitive response paths such as:

🚚 Order tracking;

😷 Information about health measures;

🏪 Services offered in stores; and

💳 The loyalty program

These paths enable visitors to learn about the brand's products and services at any time. The virtual agent thus covers a wide range of questions, to the satisfaction of the company, which supports its customers and reduces the workload of its support advisors.

Reasoned automation that provides excellent ROI

In May 2021, the virtual agent saved Jacadi over 119 hours of work with over 2,300 automated conversations and an average of 40 automated conversations each night between midnight and 3 am. These savings have a significant impact on the customer experience of visitors and represent a significant cost reduction for the company, which can rely on Botmind and its performance pricing. Therefore, the virtual agent provides an excellent ROI for companies like Jacadi that want to improve their customer experience and reduce the number of inbound requests to customer support.

A tool to engage visitors in the sales tunnel

Thanks to triggers (small notification bubble displayed by the virtual agent), the company can engage customers and help with the purchase process. The interaction that the virtual agent generates helps to reassure customers and minimize problems. The company has leveraged this feature since 79% of the automated conversations were generated by triggers, proving the effectiveness of the virtual agent when engaging customers and guiding them through the buying process. To summarize Botmind in one word, Cloé proposes “agile.”

Tailor-made support

Jacadi can also count on the support of the Botmind team, which listens to customer requests and proposals. The team is very reactive to ensure quick and customized support. It provides daily support for our customers. From integrating the virtual agent to launching the triggers, Botmind responds to each question and tackles every difficulty encountered.

Thanks to the Botmind virtual agent, Jacadi has automated part of its customer support and provides visitors with personalized and instantaneous support. The company can benefit from fast and efficient support and continuous access to information. The company, therefore, optimizes its digital customer experience considerably while lowering its customer service costs. Finally, the customer service representatives are more fulfilled and can work on high value-added requests peacefully.

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