Frequently asked Questions

"What is my cost per resolved conversation? "

Botmind charges by a performance based pricing, which means that depending on the volume we fully automate, you are charged at a specific, pre-defined pricing. It is important to note that the price includes  Customer Success Manager follow up as well as the updates of our solution. You will find more details on the pricing page. Botmind is the most ROI intensive solution on the market.

"I receive many questions, but all specific to my business. Can I benefit from Botmind?"

Frequent and time-consuming questions make up 40% of incoming requests in e-commerce in general. Botmind is pre-trained to understand over 100 categories of questions. Many of the questions you may think are specific are potentially already included in our solution.

"How long does it take to integrate"

Botmind is the only automation solution designed for e-retailers. The integration does not require mobilizing your technical teams, there is just a line of code in javascript to be inserted on your website.

How long will it take for my virtual agent to be fully effective?

The virtual agent is efficient as soon as it is put into service on your e-commerce site. After three weeks you will already see a 20% decrease in the number of tickets to be processed manually as well as an 8% increase in the conversion rate. These numbers get even better after two months of use.

How much time per week should I spend on my virtual agent?

After launch you will only need to log into Botmind if you want to make changes or add new optimizations.

What happens after launch? Does the CSM team support me in optimizing my virtual agent?

Botmind invoices by performance and without obligation. We have every interest in your virtual agent functioning well, and for this our team of Customer Success Manager will be at your disposal to assist you and optimize your performance.

What do you promise in terms of contact rate reduction?

Botmind can allow you to automate up to 40% of incoming tickets.

How much time should I spend on the bot learning?

It is recommended that you train on the platform two hours per week for the first month of use for best results. After the first month, thirty minutes a week is enough to maintain your performance.

Is Botmind team in charge of building the response flows?

Our teams will assist you in setting up response paths until you are independent. If you prefer to delegate this part to us indefinitely, please tell us about it and we will make you a specific offer.

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