January 2021 / Expert advice on how to start 2021 with your virtual agent

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Our keen eyes observed several outstanding practices among Botminders, which we will share with you. Here are some great examples of how to use Botmind, as well as some expert advice to get you started in 2021 on the right foot!

I. Take your virtual agent as a colleague and maximize its efficiency in serving your customers

Our first focus is on integrating Botmind into your overall operation. By notifying Botmind of the information that circulates internally, you will be able to anticipate the multiple ways in which your virtual agent can intervene as a backup. For example, you will be able to manage the impact of a problem on your customers with a reassurance message and amplify the power of your marketing and promotional actions with dedicated paths and triggers. Give the information to your virtual agent colleague, as you would inform your colleagues of the existence of this new information.

In concrete terms, our client Le Slip Français included their virtual agent in their Veepee operation to explain the process to their customers (free embroidery) and to answer, in advance, questions they might have. Responding to questions in advance was necessary because embroidery products are non-refundable, and customers were less likely to buy if they couldn't find an answer. Similarly, Jacadi has set up a dedicated home button and path for its private sales, which are temporary.

II - Update your welcome buttons

The welcome buttons are essential for orienting your customers as soon as the dialogue box opens. We advise you to update them every month according to your current topics. Two illustrations:

- My Little Box created a "News" button allowing customers to stay informed about the latest news, for example, delivery times during sales periods.

- Le Slip Français has put forward a course on order returns, knowing that they are more numerous in January, after the holidays.

III - Use your visitors' messages to improve your virtual agent

Our third tip may sound familiar, but we want to emphasize how essential history review and learning are :

- History reveals how customers interact with the virtual agent: what they ask and how your agent reacts. This is the most effective approach to understand the customer experience and enhance to increase satisfaction.

- Regular learning is an incredibly effective way for your virtual colleague to become proficient on all the questions that customers ask, especially those specific to your business. By answering more questions, your agent effectively relieves the burden on your customer service department and ensures that your customers are more satisfied and get an immediate answer.

IV - Adapt your response paths to your news

Finally, your response paths are not set in stone. Modify them so that they correspond to changes in your offer perfectly. Above all, increase the number of responses you provide if new subjects arise on your side, or if you find recurring questions in the learning process, you can automate. Every automated question is a satisfied customer and one less contact with customer service.

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