September 2019 / 5 reasons why your business should use a customer service software

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The importance of customer service software is paramount in the modern digital era, where convenience plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Running a business, small or big, requires passion, perseverance, and dedication. Nonetheless, even in the presence of these three elements, there is no 100% assurance of business success.

While you may have all that it takes for a business to succeed, you may still fail if your customers do not connect with your brand. It could be that your customers are not as loyal or committed as you need and want them to be. Customer connection is an essential aspect of every business. A seemingly brilliant business idea may fall flat if customers are disinterested, disloyal and dissatisfied. On the other hand, a business with a solid customer service approach may excel even amidst tight competition.

Consider the following data generated from a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2017. An overwhelming 96% of respondents worldwide say customer service is vital in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

stats customer service choice loyalty brand

While it is hardly possible to be present at all times to serve your customer base, you may benefit from the features of customer service software to achieve your objectives. You’re missing a lot if this technology isn’t in place in your enterprise yet.

Below are 5 reasons why your business should use customer service software:

1. It provides you with a platform that is always “ON”

You interact with different people every day, and chances are, some of them are millennials. Much has already been said about the unique internet habits of this generation. Millennials are known for their intensive use of the internet, computers, and mobile devices to reach out to companies and research details before buying. This suggests that they could contact your business online even during your off-hours. It is, therefore, crucial to have a platform that is readily available anytime to respond to them.

In fact, according to a study conducted by American Express, millennials are the generation that is willing to pay the most for excellent service at 21% more. They are also the only generation that will tell their family and friends about instances of good service than bad ones.

A customer service solution can provide a variety of platforms that keep you active throughout.  Moreover, it provides you with customer support software & ticketing system to immediately route any concern to the appropriate person to ensure a timely response.

2. It keeps you engaged with your customers

A business that continually delivers excellent customer service has a brand flourishing with engaged customers. Consumers always want to engage with the brands they patronize. If you want to step ahead of the competition, present your brand a professional but personable image. The customer software could help you achieve this through personalized customer service that:

- Knows the name of the customer and the exact nature of the concern when responding to a ticket.

- Guarantees a timely response when problems arise.

- Understands which department or person should address a specific customer concern. To be routed from one customer service agent to another is frustrating.

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3. It helps you resolve problems promptly

Any problem will upset customers, but they are most likely to disregard it and not hold it against you if resolved promptly. Customer service software ensures a reliable issue resolution system in place by flagging urgent issues and routing them to the appropriate department or person. That is why many businesses are even deploying chatbots in their customer support to quickly resolve to common or recurring issues. This way, only more crucial and complex matters are forwarded to the support agents.

4. It facilitates the accuracy of information

Customers have little tolerance over inaccurate information. They want to obtain the right answers to their queries the first time they contact you. They find it annoying to explain the entire issue repeatedly merely because you’re not all on the same page.  Software solutions improve accuracy and enrich communication by enabling all members of the customer support team to access the same details regarding the problem or request of a customer.

5. It enables you to respond quickly to your customers

Customers are impatient with regards to the time it takes them to reach the customer support team. They want a quick response when they need information before buying or when a problem arises. A decent software solution makes a timely response possible by freeing up the time your customer service agent spends with prioritizing and sorting incoming requests. It ensures that customers with more urgent issues are handled immediately.

Should you invest in customer service software?

Regardless of the kind of product or service you sell, outstanding customer service is your key to success as an excellent customer experience is your future. You can only achieve this with the right customer support tools in place.

Customer service software enables you to automate the processes involved in providing better customer experience, delivering a quick and high-quality service, and having access to the complete communication history all in one platform. It makes it easier for you to focus on creating more loyal customers instead of manually estimating response times and counting the number of emails sent.

It means better customer service, less work for your staff and reduced customer support cost. There are different types of customer service systems available, so choose one that will enable you to serve your customers better.

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