Our ecosystem of integrations

Our ecosystem of integrations is based on 3 levels - Live chat, CMS and other various integrations, which can all work together (API connections). These integrations are powerful and easy to configure. Custom integrations can also be done on demand.

Our integrations with live chat platforms

You can easily add Botmind as a plugin to your customer support tool. The quick and easy integration will allow you to automate up to 45% of your support tickets. Botmind will automatically answer all your low value messages in record time, leaving your agents free to focus on the most important requests. Integrating with several live chat platforms, our solution does not change your work habits.

Botmind’s virtual agent easily integrates with your Zendesk chat platform (formerly Zopim) to automatically answer frequent and time-consuming questions received from your customers. Your offline tickets are stored in Zendesk for your agents to answer asynchronously. Don’t miss any opportunities.


Thanks to the synergy between your human teams and Artificial Intelligence on the Freshchat channel, react faster and increase customer satisfaction, while reducing the overall cost of customer support. Empower your teams to better improve your customer experience.


With Botmind, give the power back to the conversational channel on Front, a software that is primarily email oriented. Botmind’s virtual agent will allow you to better manage activity peaks and avoid a backlog of several emails waiting to be processed.


Our integrations with CMS

Boost your e-commerce CMS by integrating an innovative automation solution. With the integration of Botmind, you will be able to increase your financial ROI, as well as improve your customer experience with a unique hybrid chatbot solution. The most popular e-commerce CMS are compatible with our solution.

Enrich your Shopify with Botmind’s automations. With a native integration on the CMS, our virtual agent has access to all the information needed to personalize the customer experience. Amaze your visitors and customers.


Your Prestashop CMS has a very complete backoffice for your agents even if they have to make many clicks before finding the information they are looking for. With Botmind you don’t need to manually reset a password, track an order etc.


Magento has a comprehensive set of APIs to get detailed information about your products and customers. Use this data to improve the customer experience on your e-commerce site and make more sales.


Why is the Botmind integration the most effective?

As an official partner of Zendesk, Front, Intercom, Freshchat, Dimelo, and IAdvize, Botmind has an ecosystem of easy and fast integration without any risks and therefore without any problems.

Why do you need this integration?

Integrating Botmind into your helpdesk can result in a 50-90% reduction in the cost of resolutions while requiring 3.7 times less processing time. This results in a 26% increase in customer satisfaction. Our ecosystem of integrations is easily scalable with all your internal tools (CMS, live chat, customer relationship tools...).

"The virtual agent is simple to set up, inexpensive and provides a very good return on investment."

Cloé Sponton
Customer Satisfaction Manager

"Thanks to Botmind, customers are independent and get a quick answer when they want it."

Caroline Fabre
E-commerce Manager

“Botmind is all about enabling a business to provide customer service when it's really needed.”

Michaël Clapson
Customer Service Manager

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