How does Beauté Privée consolidate its position as a leader in customer experience?

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Created in 2007, Beauté Privée offers a selection of over 2,000 cosmetic brands (perfumes, skincare, makeup, haircare, etc.) and over 500 exceptional locations throughout France to over 10 million beauty enthusiasts every day.

The company was acquired by Showroomprivé in 2017 and is now pursuing a strong growth trajectory while making it a point of honor to maintain high customer satisfaction. 

Customer satisfaction is a priority for the brand

To meet the needs of a demanding clientele, Beauté Privée wanted to provide its customers with a personalized customer experience. The brand wanted a tool that could handle incoming requests efficiently.

So naturally, Beauté Privée turned to Botmind. The virtual agent allows automation of answers to frequent and time-consuming questions while maintaining excellent control of customer satisfaction.

After benchmarking the different solutions available on the market, the brand realized Botmind was the most suitable solution for customer support—a solution that is easy to implement, proves its worth, and keeps an ROI approach.

A close follow-up

Beauté Privée was looking for a way to lighten the workload of its customer support team members to enable them to focus on high value-added questions and questions requiring actual human intervention. The initial integration of the widget was easy and took less than two weeks. The company's teams were supported throughout the widget integration process. Botmind's customer support team is still in regular contact with the company's support and customer relations teams.

No more back-and-forth questions from customers!

Before Botmind, when a customer had a question, he could contact the customer support on the website directly by emailing or sending a contact form asynchronously. The customer would send his request, often incomplete, to a generic email address. Several round-trips were often necessary for the customer service to get all the information to process the customer's request. Today, thanks to Botmind, when a customer makes a complex request that the virtual agent cannot answer, it will ask for additional information such as the customer ID or the order number, in order to send a pre-completed ticket to the customer support, which will then be able to process the request at a go. This process saves a lot of time for the customer support teams, which do not need to multiply the exchanges, and for the customer, who sees his request handled efficiently and quickly. 

A knowledgeable virtual agent is worth two

Botmind connects to the Beauté Privée platform's back-office tools to respond to a maximum number of customer requests. The virtual agent can thus access advanced information about customers and their orders (order status, delays, etc.) and inform the customer directly about their order. It can also give detailed answers about a refund that a customer has received in their bank account following the return of a package. The virtual agent can thus handle more complex requests that require access to specific information, which makes it even more autonomous.

A secure solution is available 24 hours a day

The Botmind virtual agent has automated over 130,000 conversations in eight months. Customer and logistics manager Sophie Barsac and her team configured the paths that allow the virtual agent to answer some questions just as a human agent would. This configuration allows the virtual agent to be independent and available at all times, even for the most nocturnal customers. Over 20% of the automated conversations occur at night between 9 pm and 6 am.

The configuration also allows securing the conversations because each answer from the virtual agent is preconfigured by customer support. The agent, therefore, can answer questions without relying on customer support teams and without causing the consumer any unpleasant surprises. 

Accompanying customers through the buying process

Beauté Privée intends to accompany and guide its customers through the purchasing process. The company has taken advantage of all the features of the virtual agent, especially the triggers (small notification bubbles that appear at the bottom of the screen). They invite customers to chat with the virtual agent and multiply the interactions to ensure that customers receive prompt responses to their requests.

The company has set up triggers on specific pages (contact, payment, and order pages) to guide its visitors. Visitors are guided around the site and can receive responses to unasked questions.

The triggers guide the customers through the site and swiftly report any "bugs" and anomalies that may appear on the site. A bug category titled "I'm stuck on this page" allows customers to notify customer support of a potential problem on the payment page, a critical step in the purchase process. When several people report a problem on the payment page, the bug will notify the support teams, who will solve the problem swiftly. 

An autonomous virtual agent that proves itself

The Botmind virtual agent gives rapid results immediately after the integration. Since the beginning of the year, the Botmind virtual agent has fully automated over 80% of the conversations with no reinforcement from the support team. The virtual agent is autonomous and reduces the number of tickets to be processed by customer support, allowing teams to focus on more complex and high value-added issues. 

Customer satisfaction is Beauté Privée's priority. The company has set up a dedicated course to ensure continuous customer service improvement. After each request from the virtual agent, the customer is invited to give their opinion so that the process can be improved. The virtual agent also allows the collection of feedback on general customer dissatisfaction. For example, when a customer wants to cancel an order, the agent will ask the customer for their reasons and give feedback to the customer support teams.

An indispensable tool at the end of each year

Every e-merchant dreads the end of the year because customer support is usually overwhelmed by requests; this is where the Botmind virtual agent comes in. It filters incoming customer requests and automates frequent and time-consuming customer inquiries; this allows customer support to deal with more complex requests to satisfy customers.

By using Botmind, Beauté Privée has a solution capable of automating its customer relations efficiently while maintaining high customer satisfaction. It follows the philosophy of its former Director, Xavier Chauvin, who advocated continuous innovation: “We are in a sector where if at N+1, we do the same thing as in year N, we have missed something.” And it's not yet over. The brand keeps working closely with Botmind to ensure customer satisfaction by collecting even more data in preparation for the end-of-year peaks.

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