How does Motoblouz’s customer service satisfy its customers?

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Motoblouz is a French company established in 2004 in the Pas-de-Calais. As a leader in the online distribution of equipment and accessories for motorcyclists and motorcycles, the company currently counts over 160 two/three wheels aficionados, serving a clientele of enthusiasts. Its goal has remained the same over the years—to provide the best advice to two/three-wheelers to enable them to find the preferred equipment. At Motoblouz, enthusiasts called ‘moto-conseillers’ work for other motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Over 5,000 parcels have been dispatched per day since the last quarter of 2021! This number is steadily rising, prompting the need for the highest possible customer service. The brand’s goal is to satisfy the requests of enthusiasts as best as possible. It is not surprising that the company was elected ‘Customer Service of the Year 2021’ for the sixth consecutive time!

A privileged relationship with each customer

Motoblouz is not only about selling motorcycle equipment and accessories. It is also about allowing customers to benefit from personalized support. Nearly 2.3 million motorcyclists travel the roads of France every day. Each enthusiast requires specific equipment because each motorcyclist and motorcycle brand (Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, etc.) are unique. Buying equipment online without the possibility of testing it can be inconvenient. The company, therefore, puts a point of honor on every customer’s experience. Customers looking to buy the best equipment for their next motorcycle can count on a massive catalog of over 75,000 items. A dedicated team of 20 ‘moto-conseillers’ (Motorcycle Advisors in english) (a name given internally, which suits the situation perfectly) is available to answer all questions from visitors and customers.

Seasonality with targeted peaks of activity

As we all know, requests for assistance are just as diverse as the customers. From the biker looking forward to his next weekend ride to the one who prefers to take time to ‘perfect’ his motorcycle, each rider has his unique habits and needs. Since the health crisis and increase in telecommuting, Motoblouz's historical peaks of activity have changed. The Customer Service Department now receives over 350 calls during the Monday and Friday peak times. Customer inquiries range from “Do you accept PayPal payments?” to “Which leather jacket lining should I use this winter?” With such an influx of inquiries, customer support required a solution that could provide answers to frequent and time-consuming questions in an automated yet reasonable manner while allowing customer support to focus on high-value-added requests—this is where Motoblouz discovered Botmind.

Close support and follow-up

Motoblouz wanted to lighten the workload of its motorcycle consultants. The company needed a way to help its support team focus on inquiries that required actual human intervention. So, the company naturally turned to Botmind to automate answers to frequent and time-consuming questions.

The integration was quick and easy; Motoblouz was guided through the entire process of installing the Botmind widget and continues to stay in regular contact with the Customer Service Department. Today, Botmind constantly listens to its customers and considers their remarks and suggestions.

Never 5 without 6?

Motoblouz has been awarded ‘Customer Service of the Year 2022’ for the sixth time in a row, in the ‘Distance selling of vehicle accessories and parts’ category. The company has given itself the means to win this title. Available by phone, via the chatbot, or via the contact form, Motoblouz handles requests on different channels to provide the best possible customer experience. Committed moto-conseillers, efficient virtual agent processing of customer requests—the company is rolling along!

A new virtual motor advisor 

The Botmind virtual agent has now acquired its place within Motoblouz. This year, the virtual agent automated over 80% of the conversations generated on the chat channel, with an average response rate of less than two seconds. Botmind has reduced the workload of the customer support team, which handles over 1,000 requests per day. Botmind now enables the automatic answering of frequent and time-consuming questions, allowing the customer support team to focus their expertise on products or technical issues.

More than a virtual agent, Botmind is considered a genuine motor advisor. The virtual agent, which is always available, can answer all requests and generate tickets for more technical questions. Thus, even the most nocturnal customers can get quick and satisfactory answers. During the night, the virtual agent handles about 7.5% of the daily requests, facilitating the work of the support team and relieving the congestion in the morning.

🏍️ The road trip anecdote

Motoblouz accompanies customers to purchase their choice of equipment, and this is beyond the Pas-de-Calais! A happy customer who planned his motorcycle road trip with the help of Motoblouz delivered a bottle of rum he had bought on his trip for the occasion to the teams! 


Thanks to Botmind, Motoblouz automated answers to frequent and time-consuming questions and improved customer experience for visitors while supporting customer support advisors. Motorcycle advisors can now focus on high value-added questions, and two/three wheel enthusiasts can continue to hit the roads well-equipped!

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