How Artsper saved 5 hours per agent per month effortlessly ?

Founded by Hugo Mulliez and François-Xavier Trancart in 2013, Artsper is the European leader in contemporary art sale. This French company was established with the ambition to reduce the distance between both new and established collectors, art lovers and the art market. Customer experience is thus really important to them.

How <a href="">Artsper </a>saved 5 hours per agent per month effortlessly ?

“Describe Botmind in one word : Irreplaceable !”

Julie Bedouch, Customer Relationship Manager


Customer service secret weapon: Hybrid chatbot

A problem (too) often encountered: a chatbot fail…

  • Among all requests, some are necessarily incomprehensible for a chatbot. The chatbot will then, in the most possible fluid way, redirect the client to a human agent.
  • A customer who cannot get an immediate response from a chatbot, will feel that the brand is not able to solve the problem.

Unhappy customer + Failed chatbot answer = VERY unhappy customer

Based on Botmind researches, chatbots can understand 40% of customer requests, in the best case. This means that more than half of customers reaching a brand through a chatbot would face a failed chatbot answer. When they finally talk to an agent, these customers are even more angry…

A solution that works

At Botmind, we found a fairly simple and effective way to avoid irritating customers who talk to a chatbot. Which one?

Artsper with Botmind

What are the benefits of a hybrid chatbot for the customer?

  • Fast and efficient response. With the hybrid chatbot working with your customer agents the response rate is increased by 4X
  • The chatbot and the agent work together in harmony. As a result, the agents are just provided with value added and complex questions
  • The customer always gets a quick and appropriate response from the chatbot, which is no more than the promise of this technology. This is responsible for causing an increase of customer satisfaction rate by 37%
botmind loves artsper

What are the benefits of a hybrid chatbot for Artsper?

  • User satisfaction is greatly improved since frequent requests get a fast answer from the virtual agent and complex requests get a faster answer from agents who have fewer simple requests to deal with
  • Agents feel like their job is more interesting and they do not deal with customers that were irritated by a failed chatbot response
  • The hybrid chatbot is able to detect prospect lead requests and notify agents so that these requests are processed faster
  • A hybrid chatbot project can be launched only with a few intents and then the scope is gradually increased without risking to disappoint customers


A hybrid chatbot significantly improves customer service

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