Automate the answers to 45% of your live chats on Front App.

Integrate Botmind into your Front live chat to automatically answer frequent and time-consuming questions from your customers. Bring together human agents and artificial intelligence on the same channel to respond faster and to increase customer satisfaction, while reducing the overall cost of custoemr support.

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Automate the answers to 45% of your live chats on Front App.

Native integration and ready to use automation for eCommerce

Right after integration of Botmind hybrid chatbot to Front live chat, you will be able to select the list of frequent requests you’d like to automate. The hybrid chatbot will then answer to your customers and help your team in creating more value.

Native integration and ready to use automation for eCommerce

Botmind’s fast and easy integration with Front

Turn on Botmind experience by plugging it in your live chat . Botmind empowers your agents by giving them a helping hand — which lets them focus on creating value and solving more complex customer case. You will reduce your costs, improve your customer experience and maximise your customer support return on investment.

Be quick, be real and be proactive!

The integration process is easy and hassle free. Botmind is alive in less than a day after you plug it in your live chat support. Thus helping your customer support to be personalized and automated and your agents to be proactive.

Be quick, be real and be proactive!

Give your customer agents the value they need!

By plugging Botmind into your live chat platform you will be able to drive the customer agent’s attention only towards the complex and time consuming questions. Botmind will help your team save a lot of time by automating responses to high-volume questions.

Give your customer agents the value they need!

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Pre-trained virtual agent

The virtual agent is already equipped with 90 questions that can be easily automated as per the needs. Update the virtual agent answers, add a new language instantly and teach it to respond to new user requests.

Pre-trained virtual agent

Cheaper, Faster and Better

Plugging Botmind into your CMS can result in 50% decrease in the cost of resolutions, 26% increase in the customer satisfaction rate and last but not the least 3.7x the speed of resolution.

Cheaper, Faster and Better

Automate 45% of your frequently asked and time consuming questions you receive on Front app!

“Where is my order?”

Our virtual agent is able to connect to your tracking tools and CMS to fetch order statuses and send tracking links to your customers.

“I lost my password !”

Our virtual agent is able to provide issue tracking tips and resend directly password links to your customers.

“I received a broken item !”

Our virtual agent can prequalify support requests so that your team only needs to approve or not a refund request.

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Our happy customers

David Nget -

Botmind upgrades our customer support productivity and reactivity with an high level of quality. A good team and good advices.

David Nget –
Nadim Tabbah -

Botmind is integrated in the heart of our customer service and automates, cautiously, many of our chat conversations, to allow our agents time to be spent on priority missions !

Nadim Tabbah –
Julie Bedouch -

Thanks to Botmind my team is saving time and money. The integration was very simple (no need to be technical) and the result is amazing : 5 hours saved per agent per month !

Julie Bedouch –

How to enable and use the Botmind integration?

Tired of manually handling common questions over chat? Botmind makes it easy to add a bot to respond to your users automatically. Click on the button and know how to enable Botmind.

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