How was Sena able to successfully automate the handling of 50% of its customer support inquiries despite the technical nature of its products?

The company story is a love story between technology and mechanics. The accessories and communication tools developed by the company allow you to stay connected and in control during all your adventures on your motorcycle or bike. Their passionate specialists developed a wide range of technical products, which allow both professionals and amateurs to acquire specialized products adapted to their needs.

How was Sena able to successfully automate the handling of 50% of its customer support inquiries despite the technical nature of its products?


Sena, technology at the service of adventure

Sena’s hearing equipment is divided into 4 main categories (motorcycle, cycling, outdoor and industrial) and includes a large number of products, each with their own specific features. It can be tricky for beginners to find their way around. Sena’s customer service team helps them make the best use of the items they purchased and provides them with useful recommendations.

Customer service must answer the many questions they receive from visitors and guide them towards the products best suited to their practices.The Sena support team is made up of e-commerce specialists in hearing equipment and practitioners. They provide assistance to hundreds of customers every day. With the growing number of inquiries coming in, the customer support team was looking for ways to help them deal more efficiently with the many requests without compromising on the quality of the answers.


Specific requests on product functionalities

A reference in its field with 48 products, Sena was receiving hundreds of incoming support tickets every day, making it increasingly difficult for customer support to process them. Finding a solution to successfully handle every visitor quickly became a priority to ensure optimal customer experience. The brand then turned to automating customer support on tier 1 questions (frequent and time-consuming), which had become a necessity. However, Sena didn’t want to compromise on the quality of their responses to its users. They wanted to maintain their satisfaction at the highest possible level and continue to provide customized answers to each of its customers.


“Botmind in one word : Simple!”

​Robert Godoy,​ Technical Support Manager


A customized automation solution

Sena was looking for a flexible and customizable solution in order to provide the best possible answers to all its customers, whatever the product they were looking for. Thanks to Botmind’s solution, the brand was able to automate its customer service using a virtual agent on the Zendesk chat channel. The integration in Zendesk was seamless and the company entirely configured the virtual agent to make it as efficient and useful as possible for its customers. Supported by the Botmind team, Sena was able to build its customized virtual agent while maintaining its internal customer relationship tool, Zendesk. The brand effectively programmed intuitive answer paths to the specific and frequently asked questions they receive on a daily basis.

Previously, the time spent processing support tickets received on Zendesk would limit the support agents’ ability to provide a quick answer to the customer. Sena is now able to provide the best possible advice to each of its customers about relevant products, without delay, thanks to the Botmind virtual agent. Sena can provide an instant response via the Botmind’s virtual agent, even if the support agents are unavailable.



“Where technology meets responsivness.”

​Robert Godoy,​ Technical Support Manager


Botmind reinforced the support team without dehumanizing it…

Botmind was quickly integrated and immediately helped support agents by filtering incoming requests and automatically handling frequently asked questions that were time-consuming. When more complex requests are received, the virtual agent informs the customers that they will be transferred to a human agent who is able to provide a detailed answer. This process improves the overall satisfaction of those using the live chat. In addition, the handling of time-consuming and repetitive questions by the virtual agent improves the status of the support agent’s job. The support team can effectively handle complex and high value-added requests, such as questions about the technical features of certain products. Sena can now give a quick response via the Botmind’s virtual agent, even if their support agents are unavailable.


Thanks to Botmind, Sena has a scalable and tailor-made tool that can automate an increasing number of responses. The virtual agent learns new product-specific features every day and becomes more and more intelligent as time goes by. The brand continues to develop its virtual agent by expanding its knowledge base and making it even more effective at handling more questions. The regular release of new innovative products is now easier to handle for the customer support team, who can count on a strong ally: Botmind’s virtual agent.

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