How has My Jolie Candle enriched its customer experience, especially at the peak of the business?

My Jolie Candle has now been developing for 5 years in the market of perfumed candles products in France. Its uniqueness is based on the creation of new and innovative candles, containing a jewel hidden and sealed in the wax. Thanks to this initiative, the brand has diversified and is now positioned as one of the most innovative companies in the fragrance market.

How has My Jolie Candle enriched its customer experience, especially at the peak of the business?
Originally present exclusively on the web, the company has now established physical stores to offer its candles. My Jolie Candle made its communication on the web a strength that rapidly allowed it to become well known and appreciated by the French customers. Its contemporary and trendy products have seduced many consumers and these candles have become an essential part of wish lists.


Putting the customer experience at the heart of the brand’s philosophy

French brand committed since its inception, My Jolie Candle produces its products in France through artisanal know-how and responsible production. From the development of the product with the creation of the perfumes in Grasse to the customer support management, My Jolie Candle is committed to providing its consumers with a comprehensive and delightful customer experience.

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Aware of the necessity of providing a quick response to every request to convert visitors into customers, the brand very quickly decided to improve its customer support. As personalized advice (depending on preferences for fragrances but also for jewelry) is essential for the brand, it was necessary to combine the management of the peak activity and the personalization of the answers given to the potential future consumers.

To address these issues, My Jolie Candle first sought a solution to handle incoming customer support requests more efficiently. Among the most frequently received requests, the customer support team noticed an ever-increasing number of straightforward questions being asked over the chat channel every day. Processing them was time-consuming, keeping support agents busy and adding little value to the business. Also, requests made via other chat channels such as the telephone or WhatsApp could only be handled as a second step. The customer experience for many shoppers was therefore not as good. This pattern was even more pronounced during the holiday season and Mother’s Day when large numbers of people sought out the brand for a trendy gift idea.


The brand then had to think of an effective solution to provide an immediate response to anyone in need. To do this, My Jolie Candle did not want to use an ordinary bot that might prove to be detrimental to its image. The challenge was to improve the experience of its customers by bringing a real added value through the use of an innovative and efficient chat solution.


Advice and processing of customer requests: a virtual agent to assist support agents

For several months now, My Jolie Candle has been able to count on the help of a new virtual agent within its customer support. Filtering all the requests made on the chat channel, Botmind treats the simple requests in an automated way. Moreover, by decrypting questions, Botmind assists in the highly efficient processing of complex tickets by redirecting them to the dedicated agents who are connected to the chat. By incorporating Botmind, My Jolie Candle has improved the customer experience with the support team.


Furthermore, the Botmind solution integrates perfectly with the Zendesk omnichannel platform and in particular with the Chat solution that My Jolie Candle customer support uses. The integration was very quick and easy, using the Botmind App available in the Zendesk Marketplace, with no need for technical skills. Thus, regardless of the channel used, chatbot, email, phone, or social networks, the agents have a complete view of their customer, with all the information available in a single interface. This integration facilitates the agents’ life, improves the customer experience, and the effectiveness of the support service.

By eliminating the processing time for the vast majority of requests, Botmind allows you to save unprecedented amounts of time. The automatic response for the simplest requests makes it easier to manage tickets, especially during activity peaks. Botmind’s commercial function allows for even more time to be saved. Indeed, with the help of this feature, the conversation with customers becomes a real source of loyalty. Visitors can now rapidly obtain the information they are looking for in just a few clicks. For the brand, this time-saver proves to be a real conversion lever.


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“Botmind is a chatbot that is simple to set up, at the right price, which meets the expectations of 90% of today’s e-merchants.”

Martin Tauber, VP New Business in My Jolie Candle



With the implementation of Botmind within the company, the company was able to benefit from both sales support and automated support.

On the one hand, My Jolie Candle can now count on an efficient virtual agent handling the majority of incoming tickets by itself, thus decreasing the workload for the other support agents. On the other hand, this integration has also helped reduce the time it takes to resolve problems encountered by customers, especially during peak periods of site usage when the team of agents often found themselves in trouble.

Also, the virtual agent can guide the customer through the chat channel. Using a guided question path, consumers can find the answers to their questions themselves in record time. With just a few clicks on the chat, the customer is advised on products and receives personalized recommendations, with no need for any human assistance.

Today, thanks to Botmind, My Jolie Candle’s customer support can work more serenely with the help of great support, that of its virtual agent. Its efficiency allows the brand to offer a flawless customer experience to the delight of its consumers.


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