About us

Botmind is a startup developing a SaaS* solution that allows companies to automate their support via the live chat channel. Thanks to a virtual agent, Botmind intervenes in parallel with support agents to assist them in the management of frequently asked and time-consuming questions. Able to handle low value-added tasks (qualification of prospects and answers to frequent requests), the solution is also able to set up a pre-qualification of needs in order to guide visitors in their search. A real time saver for end customers as well as for e-merchants, Botmind allows to give value to each conversation with customer support. Incubated from our beginnings in the Zendesk program at Station F, the solution we launched in April 2018 is now used by many e-merchants around the world, with references such as Vestiaire Collective, Easyparapharmacie, Sensee and La Redoute.

* Software as a service (SaaS) or software as a service, consists in using by paid subscription a software installed on external servers and not on the user’s computer.

About us

“Botmind is allowing a company to do customer service when it’s really needed.”

Michaël Clapson, Customer Service Manager

Our story

A start-up focused on two vectors: customer relations and e-commerce 

Alumni of EPITA, Christophe co-founded Botmind following two entrepreneurial experiences in the field of e-commerce: Co-founder of Paullster (sold to The Tops in 2014) and CTO of Surprizemi/Wootbox (bought by Webedia in 2016). During these experiences, he realized that the majority of customer requests were the same and that there was no way to meet them efficiently, with reasonable costs.

He therefore created Botmind in 2017 first as a chatbots development agency to address the problem of automating the customer relationship of companies. However, chatbots quickly showed their limits and disappointed users. That’s when the solution of hybrid chatbots, or otherwise known as virtual agents, emerged as the only truly effective option to automate customer relations by placing artificial intelligence and humans on the same channel.

A start-up to meet the need for customer relationship automation

In 2018, Botmind takes another turn and looks into a “hybrid virtual agent” solution. The latter only intervenes when it is certain that it understands the question asked by the client on the chat channel, and is able to answer it. The user is pleasantly surprised to get a quick answer, agents are freed from repetitive requests and companies reduce the cost of their customer relationship.

The virtual agent created by Botmind is pre-trained with 100 frequently asked questions related to e-commerce: order tracking, delivery time, delivery costs, exchange policy… Thus, as soon as he is integrated in the e-commerce environment, he is able to answer these types of questions independently. The Botmind virtual agent is a real customer relationship automation solution adapted for e-merchants since it helps the support to answer automatically to repetitive customer questions.

Since its creation, Botmind has been based at Station F, the world’s largest incubator in Paris.

Our founders

Christophe Chevalier

Having just lived 5 years rich in experience in the e-commerce sector, successively in the Paullster teams then in Prescription Lab/Wootbox (now bought by Webedia), Christophe Chevalier is betting on the future. Having noticed the difficulties encountered by the support teams in efficiently handling customer requests, this lover of challenges decided to find an innovative solution to help e-merchants in their management of support tickets. A graduate engineer from EPITA, he joins forces with Jonathan Kam in 2018 to co-found Botmind, a unique hybrid virtual agent solution for intelligent live chat automation.

Jonathan Kam

Coming from a background in corporate finance, Jonathan quickly decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. From Buenos Aires to New York, he enriched his professional experiences for several years before returning to France. Upon his return, his curiosity for new technologies and innovation led him to a career in sales management successively at Oracle and Criteo. Wishing to learn more about technological solutions and with his experience in several innovative companies, he decided to resume his studies at Le Wagon in Marseille to learn the code. It is at the end of this new training that he decided to fully embark on the start-up adventure by co-founding Botmind with Christophe Chevalier.

Our team

Beyond customer references, Botmind is above all a motivated team* and eager to accompany the e-merchant as perfectly as possible. To do so, we have chosen to constantly strengthen our teams since our launch in 2018. Today, Botmind is about ten employees working hand in hand to revolutionize customer support in e-commerce.

*  If you are tempted by the Botmind adventure and if you also wish to participate in the improvement of e-commerce, we are recruiting!

The values of our company


christophe chevalier


“Before Botmind, there was the all automated which was cheap but not conducive to the customer experience and the all human which was expensive but very personalized. Today, with Botmind, e-merchants benefit from the best of both worlds!”

Christophe Chevalier, CEO and co-founder of Botmind

Today, with Botmind, we put the human being back at the heart of the customer relationship. Our virtual agent allows us to engage visitors towards the sale by facilitating the buying process. He reassures the customer on the “shopping cart” page, gives personalized advice, redirects to the product pages. The conversation becomes a factor of purchase and re-purchase! By promoting and facilitating the exchange of information between e-merchants and visitors, we humanize e-commerce. The virtual agent, thanks to its intelligent automation of responses to frequent customer requests, improves the daily life of support agents and makes their work easier. They can concentrate on more complex requests that are more challenging to handle, as they are relieved of some of the tickets. 

Portrait Jonathan Kam

“With our hybrid virtual agent, we re-humanize customer interactions and allow companies to put the emphasis on conversational communication, which is the preferred channel of Internet users.”

Jonathan Kam, COO and co-founder of Botmind

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