Enhance customer experience and scale your support with an AI powered agent

Botmind SaaS platform easily integrates to your customer service tool to automatically respond to frequent requests. Bring together human agents and Artificial Intelligence on the same channel to respond faster and to increase customer satisfaction.

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Enhance customer experience and scale your support with an AI powered agent

Higher satisfaction & Competitive customer service

Our solution helps our customers dramatically reduce the costs of customer service, while significantly improving both consumers’ and agents’ satisfaction


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Main features

AI customer service agent

Hybrid: Human + AI customer service

Select the most frequent requests and teach your AI agent to respond to them only when it is confident it can actually solve the problem. The human team will manage the conversation otherwise without any redirection for the customer.

AI customer service agent

One click integration

Add Botmind to your customer service tool quickly, easily, and with absolutely no change in the processes of your support team.

AI customer service agent

Monitor and improve AI agent performance

Monitor your AI agent performance and train it to be more and more efficient over time. Update the AI agent’s answers, teach it to respond to more requests or to respond in different languages.

AI customer service agent

Custom AI response

Teach the AI agent to provide a custom response by connecting Botmind with your CRM or third-party apps.

AI customer service agent

The greatest teams have started to automate customer support using Botmind.

Enhance and scale your customer support
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